February 5, 2015


Why did you name your church Refuge?

Our church is called Refuge, because Jesus Christ is our only true refuge that can bring forgiveness, life, freedom and empowerment.  It is our desire to be an outward focused, non-traditional, multiplying (church that plants churches), church that faithfully teaches the Bible and engages our community with the hope of Jesus and sees it radically changed.  We want to be a church that is serious about living in authentic community with one another and making disciples that make disciples.

A lot of times people feel like they have to act differently when they come to church; but we want people to know that Refuge Church is a place that full of real people with real struggles, problems, shortcomings, addictions and that live in the real world.  It is a safe place where you can come to connect with a real God that loves us.  It our goal to maintain transparency and honesty about God’s work in our lives (be it joyful or painful), allowing people to know that Refuge Church is a safe place for all to be real.  Our motto is “NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED,” because it reminds us that no one is perfect accept for Jesus, so everyone is welcome.