February 5, 2015


Our leadership team wants to thank you for visiting our site.  Whether you’re new to Christianity and haven’t really decided what you think about Jesus, or you’ve been a Christian for several years, you’re welcome at Refuge Church.  We know that the church is not a building, but it is the people of God.

Shea Allen – Lead Pastor

10477862_617930192548_4701879760642764059_o-198x300Shea Allen is the Lead Pastor at Refuge.  He is new to Southern Indiana area but lived right across the river in Louisville for the past 9 years.  This past year he graduated with my Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty Theological Seminary.  He has an amazing, gorgeous and hilarious, wife named Allison and a full of energy 5 year old named Jude.

For a long time, He was fed up with the church and religion and thought all Christians were hypocrites.  Then through a friend, I was introduced to what he meant to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Ever since he made that decision 16 years ago, God has been faithful to Him.

“Jesus changed my life and has given me hope when I was hopeless.  Life is full of hurt, pain, crying, laughter, good days and bad days, but Jesus offers us an unending, hope and joy regardless of our circumstances.  Lets spread that joy throughout Charlestown, Southern Indiana and the world!” Shea